Thanks for your interest in submitting content to Collections on Contract! We are currently looking for submissions that fit into one of three categories: personal narratives, resource reviews, and advice or questions. Please see below for details about what we are looking for in each type of submission.

Personal Narratives– These pieces should be approximately 1000 words and focus on your personal experience with contracting. Some questions you might answer are:

  • How did you come to contracting? What does your educational and professional background look like and how did that influence you to begin contracting?
  • Do you have any anecdotal experiences that you feel highlight a major pro or con of contracting?
  • Do you have any concerns or advice for the contracting community, such as tax tips or self-care ideas that you have found helpful?
  • What has your experience with contracting been like and what have you learned from it?

Resource Reviews- These pieces should be approximately 500 words or less and focus on your experience using a resource that you think other contractors may (or may not!) benefit from; i.e. apps to track business expenses, an article about maximizing your self employment benefits, etc.

Advice/Questions- These pieces should be approximately 250 words or less and be direct questions to the CoC community for help or advice with a contracting-related problem you are experiencing.

*We recognize that you may wish to write about opinions or experiences that you feel put you at professional or personal risk, therefore we are happy to maintain your anonymity to whatever degree you feel comfortable. This may include using only your name and not your institutional affiliation, using a pseudonym, or simply attributing the piece to “anonymous”*

Please email all submission drafts to us at and we will be happy to work with you to post your piece!